Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks


Videogame consoles are awesome.

PS3 consoles use the IBM Cell Chip,  a nifty little pice of hardware that consists of a central processing unit, eight slave processors and is capable of operation in an open-access Linus operation system.

Right now,  scientists and researchers alike are cannibalising PS3s as the same amount of math power used in delivering high quality game graphics are capable in making astronomical calculations. The same Cell Chip can run calculations 130 times faster than an ordinary PC. For one, researchers from the University Of Illinois have been able to calculate the energy output of approximately 1000 electrons.  

Even Wii-motes, because of built-in accelerometers, are being utilized by surgeons to fine tune their technique.


2 Responses to “Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Why would you destroy a PS3?

  1. 1 Confirmed: A Leaner And Meaner PS3 Slim

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